Punk style is a philosophical attitude that first emerged in the 1970s. Although this attitude, which was born as a reaction to authority, was widespread among the young people at first, it managed to attract the attention of many segments over time. Thus, it has turned into a lifestyle by getting rid of being just a philosophical attitude. This trend is thought to have originated and spread in London. Of course, this philosophical attitude and lifestyle is reflected in clothing as well as in music.




     People chose to express themselves with everything they own, including their bodies, with the punk style of clothing that emerged from alienation and dissonance from the society, and on the other hand, they argued that appearance would be more successful in attracting other people's attention. It can be said that punk clothing style is almost an anti-fashion with many elements such as safety pins attached to bags and clothes, sewn safety signs, metal decorations, leather jackets, sentences contrary to the norms written on T-shirts, heavy chains, exaggerated make-up, colored hair, piercings, and tattoos.




1- The black leather jacket is one of the main parts of the punk clothing style. It can be used by adapting to the trend of staples and nails.

2- A stapled belt should be a must in a wardrobe dominated by punk style.

3- Mini leather skirts are as trendy as leather leggings. It is guaranteed that your silhouette will be 'punk' with these skirts with their avaz cuts.




4- Collar-shaped necklaces are the favorite accessories of the spring-summer season with their thick and thin models. You should get these accessories, which take their place in the stores in different versions with a mixture of gold and silver.

5- There is no limit in design. Safety pin earrings can be enough to complete your punk style.

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