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Looking for goth alternative clothing? As Maverick Feather, we have specially selected goth fashion clothes for you. Check out our collection for pants, skirts, dresses and more.

What is Goth Style?

The Goth style of clothing has been memorable, with clothes featuring tulle, lace, velvet, and leather. One of the must-haves in clothes complemented by thick and high-heeled shoes is a make-up and hair combination. In this style dominated by dark tones, black is one of the cornerstones. Black is often preferred in gothic make-up, as well as being used in goth dresses. At the same time, clothes with a torn and worn look are also a must for goth style.

When did Goth Fashion Start?

In the middle of the 13th century, the Gothic art movement started to affect fashion as well as daily clothes. Gothic architecture, which creates a feeling of greatness and sublimity with a sincere commitment to the concept of religion, will now show us its reflections in clothes. If we consider that the need for shelter and clothing have a parallel connection with each other in every period, this is of no small importance. Throughout history, periods and movements in art have supported and influenced fashion. However, we can demolish the idea that fashion is always for women due to the hierarchical structure of the period. 
In other words, in this period, men's clothing fashion was affected first, and then it was time for women's clothing. Goth clothing was also influenced by architecture. 
Pointed-toed shoes like the towers in Gothic architecture (later rounded toes, but raised heels), hats, interconnected belts, long and pointed arm cuffs, and pointed shoulders that point upwards are still in the collections of many designers today. Very assertive, ostentatious, and gaudy goth outfits are truly in harmony with the architecture of the period. Although religious elements are valid in the clothes of the early period (1200–1350) and the clothes are still in a minimalist atmosphere, tailoring has also started with the transition to clothes with more fitting lines in the late period (1350–1450). Tight, button-down outfits with contrasting colors were beginning to emerge, embracing both symmetry and asymmetry at the same time. While more décolleté was used in women, lace-up corsets accompanied this. Under the dominance of dark colors, there were now traces of horror in goth clothes.

In the 20th century, the Goth style became the symbol of pessimism and interiority. It was reflected in literature, music, cinema, and finally again in fashion. Particularly in the late 70s and early 80s, subcultural groups that we call goth, who were interested in history, literature, music, and mythology, made themselves accepted over time. The laced corsets of the period showed themselves again in goth clothes enriched with black leather, tulle, and lace, and black clothes were accompanied by reds and burgundy, filled with jewelry and accessories, so that nowhere was left almost empty. It's red because Gothic is blood.

Goth is perfect!

Goth Outfits Tips

Goth Tops

  • Dresses: Laced, faux, ruffle and velvet.
  • Crop tops: Velvet, laced, long sleeve or printed.
  • T-shirts: Printed, striped, oversize or tight.
  • Shirts: Patterned, oversize, transparent.
  • Corsets: Bandaged, lace up, faux, transparent or solid.
  • Jackets: Chained, leather, biker jacket.
  • Sweatshirts: Skeleton printed, striped.
  • Hoodies: Long sleeve, printed, oversize.

Goth Bottoms

  • Skirts: Plaid, pleated, leather or faux.
  • Shorts: Patchwork, high waist, side zipper.
  • Pants: High waist, leather, skinny.

What types of Goth are There?

  • Traditional goth.
  • Romantic goth.
  • Hippie goth.
  • Pastel goth.
  • Casual goth.

How to dress Goth with normal clothes?

Gothic clothing style, which is especially popular among young girls, attracts the attention of girls who want to be different and mysterious. For this reason, a few changes and tips will be enough to turn the current clothing style into gothic clothing style. Firstly, it should be known that the main color is black and in the selection of clothes and accessories, colors in black and gray tones should be preferred.

Lace or fishnet stockings under the mini skirt are one of the indispensable details. In addition, the contradictory appearance of the accessories and the patterns such as skeletons and skulls will make it possible to draw attention to the gothic style.

Instead of pointy-toed shoes like stilettos, military boots-style shoes with round toes and thick heels should be preferred. It is obvious that the Gothic style has attracted attention in recent years. In addition to the reflection of this style in the form of clothing, the fact that people can feel the gothic spirit in their inner world will enable them to be successful in their clothing styles.

Where to buy Goth Clothes?

When it comes to alternative clothing stores, few store names come to mind. As such, it becomes even more difficult to find products in goth style. We are in front of you with our wide range of products these days when goth clothing is popular. If you are looking for affordable price and quality, we recommend you to take a look at our goth clothing collection.

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