Grunge style, whose dictionary meaning is "messy and dirty,"  can be defined as aggressive, introverted, and reckless. The aim of the grunge style, which is a very ambitious fashion trend, is to give an unattended image. What is grunge style? The first name that comes to mind in response to the question will be the famous lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. What is the grunge style we are making a small introduction to? We share the answer and details of the question in our article.


How do I wear grunge?

Although grunge style has entered our lives as a music and lifestyle, it has also managed to make its name known in the alternative fashion sector. People who adopt the grunge style are generally known as angry but fragile people who suffer, and they reflect this aspect in their dressing style. We can achieve this style by combining strong pieces such as leather trousers and military boots with soft wool cardigans.

As in every clothing style, there are some indispensable pieces in grunge style:
  • Pantyhose. We can especially prefer fishnet stockings.
  • Mini jean shorts.
  • Plaid shirts. If possible, it should be a shabby cut. We can use it from our boyfriend's closet (basic t-shirts can be worn inside the shirts).
  • Postal or converse.
  • Loose-fitting sweaters and cardigans.
  • Military jackets and coats.
  • Ripped jeans.
  • Large, shabby messenger bags.
  • Knitted Gloves.
  • Rope or leather bracelet.
  • Incompatible color combinations.

what-is-grunge-style-how-to-combine-maverickfeather-2What is the Difference Between Grunge and Punk Style?

You can compare the grunge style more to the punk style. But punk style usually symbolizes rebellion, while grunge style represents comfort and recklessness. While the synthesis of these two styles is evident today, grunge style makes a difference, especially in make-up and accessories. By combining the prominent pieces of the season with the grunge style, we can achieve an up-to-date and modern look. Even if we work with our hair for hours, we must achieve the untamed look, which is the purpose of the style. Dark lipsticks should be preferred in make-up. Dark lipsticks will allow us to achieve the tough look we want. We can easily use different hair colors in this fashion style. Red, green, and blue hair will be in harmony with berets.what-is-grunge-style-how-to-combine-maverickfeather-3